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*the best of. 2001-10-25 4:37 p.m.*

i suddenly find myself in a very bad mood and i really don't know where it came from, but since about 10 minutes after i got home, everything is making me irritable. maybe it's our stupid bills? poopy on bills.


now that i have a new audience, i feel like i should update more often here rather than livejournal, though because i'm a freak, the 2 are pretty complementary. but then i was thinking about how it's sad that there are some entries that i think are really good, but because there's so much else to slog through, the good ones are probably not going to be read. so like i told oilly, i'm going to make a list of my "best of." 'cause i can.

theological fluff.

damn straight! yes, let's.

rock star satan.

eat and run.

The famous 5.0 fl. oz. square bars in the silver foil wrap that says Klondike!

you's a hoe.

The Day My Dad Went to the Hospital.

i appreciate my own insecurity.

kitty porn!

good times, bad food.

twelve year old gushings.

kitty litter.

shut me up about the crush. (e-cards are accepted)

love is a magic penny.

i really really really wanted to hear you read. i'm sorry.

oh, and my sister called. (the birthday party entry)

i don't wanna be no man's woman

oh, to be able to breathe through my nose.


sweet dreams.

my cat's breath smells like cat food.

your mother is a fraggin' aardvark.

it's jazz and it's mine.

griffin, be gentle with yourself.

cruising jupiter.

this entry took me 31 minutes to write.

my so weird life.

and i claim i'm not in love.

a kitten entry.

in the gar'ge.

and i am the statue of liberty one inch long.

aesthetically pleasing, in other words, fly.

i could jump off this pier but i've got shit to do.


ponyluv=my hero.

the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls

the beautiful girls who are shyly brave.


nothing feeds a hunger like a thirst.

one of the two reasons i'd ever consider being a boy.

signs of a remarkably good day.

meanwhile, my kitten wants sex.

"Once you get to know sad, she has got some nice dresses." Tori Amos

you know how i say i think too much...

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