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*c'mon, buzz, we can do it. 2004-05-26 6:33 p.m.*

my next zine is going to be a fairy tale version of my life as it stands. soooooo self-indulgent, but satisfying and comforting like macaroni and cheese to coze into my own little children's story.

i've also got the zapp comp zine to finish. i hope people contribute more things for it. right now there are two contributions, and one of them belongs to me. i've been corresponding with a few people so *crosses fingers* hopefully.

i want to get both of these things done by the portland zine symposium. i'm excited to be tabling there. it's crazy that this will be my second year and this time around i won't feel like quite such a stranger and will have a home base with a friend, and other friends there, and my partner with me.

i don't want to go back to work tomorrow. i want days and days and days of coziness. stupid 8 hour work day, blah blah blah. don't these people realize i have more important self-actualization projects to work on?

*listening to: toy story*
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